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Height: 5"9   |   Eye Colour: Green   |   Hair Colour: Black

Hi I'm Rob! I'm a happy, energetic, young 'ish' (30) man who likes to spend time creating new things and honing my talent's in the acting and broadcasting scenes. I have worked in broadcasting since the age of 18 starting out at my local community radio station and working a number of jobs and roles in the local area. In my 20's I spent time as a nightclub/bar DJ and since then have produced my own radio shows, podcasts and videos in a variety on genres sharing them on a various platform's including YouTube, PodBean, FM and internet radio. As I approached my 30's I felt myself starting to stagnate as a person and decided it was time to channel my energies into a different area of media. This is how I my acting career started. Since then I now a part of many local organisations, where I continue to develop my acting skills and attend professional acting lessons weekly. In the future, I intend to develop my skills and becoming a firm, confident actor taking up new opportunities.

I have experience in developing different persona's that I have played when producing and airing my radio shows. 

For example, Weekend dance show I played a young lad, into club scene and the latest club music and up to date hits. This persona had a very 'down to earth' but fun and energetic demeanour, that was a bit of a 'loud mouth' and 'one of the lads'. 
Drive time persona was more laid back, liked to discuss what was going on locally and keeping the listeners informed. Came across as a friendly, approachable person and made everyone feel welcome without ever actually meeting them. 
Breakfast person was a lot, lot more talkative. Lots of general chit chat and occasional 'banter'. Work hard to engage the listeners and make sure they were up to date with local news and going's on. 

As you can see these are just 3 very different persona's I have played to fit a role, despite this being aired on Radio. I have at times had to adjust and step into an unfamiliar slot which has required me to be quick thinking and improvise. 

Recently as I am undertaking more and more professional lessons, I am developing my acting skills and have acted out a variety of roles using scripts provided by the school.



 Yorkshire School of Acting |   Weekly Scenes |   2019  |   Actor


​Independent  |   Uncle Derek  |   2019  |  Lead Actor

Visualize Films |   Short Promo |   2019 |   Extra



Phoenix Radio |  Broadcaster | 2008 - Present | Show Host

Phoenix Radio |  Production   | 2010 - Present | Producer

Phoenix Radio  |  Road Show  | 2010 - 2015  | Live Event Host


Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Extra


DJ Work

Bar 15 Halifax | Nightclub DJ   | 2010 - 2012  | Resident DJ

Fusion Nightclub Halifax | Nightclub DJ | 2010 - 2012  | Resident DJ

Bar Rouge Halifax  | Nightclub DJ | 2010 - 2012 | Resident DJ

Acapulco Nightclub Halifax | Nightclub DJ | 2010 - 2011 | Resident DJ 

Training & Workshops

The Yorkshire School of Acting   |   Weekly Training   |   Student

The Yorkshire School of Acting   |   Masterclass In Acting   |   Student

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