Free Courses

Tomb of Ramose

Written in Bone: An Introduction to Forensic and Bio-archaeology

Learn to use human skeletal analysis to read and uncover the story behind human remains, using three sites from around the world.

Earth and Space

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth

Learn about the atmospheric chemistry of planets and celestial bodies and explore the possibility of finding life beyond Earth.

Crime Scene Investigator

The Science Behind Forensic Science

Get an introduction to the science of forensic science and discover how it's applied in the real world.


Galaxies, stars and planets

This free course, Galaxies, stars and planets, is a general introduction, including scale of the universe from the very large to the very small; orbits and gravity; the Solar System; the Sun and other stars; galaxies and the composition of astronomical objects.

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Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic psychology

Explore how your own mind works, and discover how the limitations of the human brain can lead to major miscarriages of justice.

Despite advances in forensic science, eyewitness testimony remains a critical component of criminal investigations. Psychological research has revealed the dangers of relying on evidence gained from an eyewitness and also how careful the police need to be when questioning witnesses.

Human Skull Sketch

Homo Floresiensis Uncovered: The Science of ‘the Hobbit’

Discover the incredible world of 'the Hobbit' as modern archaeological science uncovers secrets hidden in time. 

Traditional Library

Why Planning Your Research Matters

Learn how to plan your research effectively and define your research question. 

Radio Show

The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling

Discover all things podcasting: learn how to plan, write and publish your own podcast. 

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